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Energy Applications
Grigorakis Dimitrios - Air conditioning - Heating - Solar - Photovoltaics - Rhodes



Study - Supervision - Installation - Maintenance - Trading

Energy Applications is a company founded by Grigorakis Dimitrios, an experienced mechanical engineer with a long and successful career in the field of energy. The company specializes in air conditioning, heating, solar and photovoltaic systems in the Rhodes area, providing high quality and reliable services to its customers.

Energy Applications' services include the design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems, heating and cooling systems, solar panels and photovoltaic systems.

In addition, the company provides consulting and energy efficiency assessment services, with the aim of reducing the costs and energy consumption of its customers. Energy Applications clients can rely on the company's quality of service, as well as expertise.

WE SERVE the entire prefecture of Rhodes with consistency, experience and professionalism.